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strange days


boyfriend genes


Boyfriend Genes, is an American indie-pop duo from Brooklyn, NY, consisting of brothers Thomas and Travis Shaver. The band formed in 2016 in Lansing, MI, and released their first single “Strange Days”, a phantasmic synth-pop track that explores early 80’s electronic instrumentation . From a young age the brothers began to learn and play multiple instruments with the help of their fathers music store. An 8 year age difference eventually drew them apart, but with the advent of electronic music production and recording, they were able to exchange ideas over the internet. After realizing they had a shared interest in music creation, they decided on a collaboration that personified their shared vision. Upon moving to Brooklyn, the duo began to write, record and release music from their apartment studio. In 2019 the band developed an immersive live performance, consisting of custom visuals and lighting as a further extension of the music.



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